Name: Miki Sayaka (美樹さやか)
Height: 158-160 cm (~5'2")
Hometown: Mitakihara
School: Mitakihara Middle, 2nd year
Soul Gem: Blue
Symbol: Music note
Weapon: Cutlass
Appearance: Episode 1; contract in episode 4

Fun Facts

♪ Ume Aoki, character designer, worried about making Sayaka's design "too boyish" because of her already boyish personality.

♪ Sayaka's magical girl outfit was noted as being combat efficient and easy to move in due to her use of a melee weapon. Her cape was added to make her look like a swordsman.

♪ Sayaka is shown sleeping in class and has a number of references to her not doing homework and not doing particularly well in school.

♪ Sayaka despairs and transforms into a witch in every timeline she makes a contract with Kyuubey. There is a route in the PSP game, however, where she doesn't and is able to fight with the other girls.

♪ If the player gets Sayaka's bad ending, though, her soul gem is returned to her two days after losing it and her body begins to rot. She walks around unknowingly as the monster she feels she is before inevitably turning into a witch.

♪ Sayaka remains dead in Madoka's new universe, appearing to the other girls as though she sacrificed herself to defeat a wraith. She assists Madoka as part of the Law of Cycles until Homura rewrites the universe again.

♪ Gen Urobuchi stated in a guidebook that even if Sayaka were to end up with Kyousuke, she wouldn't be happy with him.

♪ A fortissimo (ƒƒ) hair clip was added to Sayaka's magical girl design for the movies.

♪ Sayaka is apparently known as Mitakihara's "Dance Queen!"

♪ Sayaka's theme songs are Decretum (Decision), Conturbatio (Disorder) and Symposium magarum (Symposium of Witches).

♪ Sayaka is voiced by Eri Kitamura (JPN) and Sarah Williams (ENG).


Sayaka is an energetic, cheerful and eccentric character. Right away the viewer can see she is loud, dramatic and a bit weird when having fun with Madoka and Hitomi on their way to school. She jokes about Madoka wanting to get a boyfriend and chases her around exclaiming she won't allow it and Madoka will be her bride instead! In a drama CD, Sayaka even goes so far to shadily examine what kind of underwear Hitomi is wearing. She also tends to be bold, strongly opinionated, stubborn and impulsive as well. Sayaka hardly thinks twice before she acts, which sometimes results in conflict with others with whom she disagrees with. Much like her transformation sequence in Hangyaku no Monogatari, she charges forward at full speed. Unfortunately, her tendency to be rash and stubborn leads to her overextending herself because she lacks experience and talent as a magical girl. For example, Sayaka refuses Kyouko's help when fighting a witch partially out of stubbornness. Rather than teaming up, Sayaka struggles by herself, ultimately uses too much magic, and ends up terribly injured and exhausted.

Additionally, I would argue that Sayaka has some serious insight for someone her age. When she and Madoka are struggling to come up with something they would wish for, Sayaka acknowledges it isn't strange they are having a hard time. They are sheltered and living in ignorant bliss. Those who jump at the chance to put their life on the line in order to use Kyuubey's miracle are girls who are truly suffering in one form or another. Sayaka recognizes that she has a good life and has been fortunate enough to not know suffering to that extent. I thought this was actually pretty insightful for an impulsive and privileged middle schooler!

Though she can be impulsive, Sayaka is also incredibly courageous, kind and willing to do things for others. Even when she is scared or injured, she won't stand down when it comes to protecting other people. Kyouko pretty much beats the crap out of her during their first encounter and she refuses to give up for the sake of protecting their town. Part of the reason she became a magical girl in the first place was to uphold justice and save those that witches prey on. Further, she becomes a magical girl despite knowing the dangers in order to make Kyousuke's dreams come true—using her once in a lifetime wish on someone else.

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