Though I had plans to make something for Sayaka for quite some time beforehand, Zero was finally opened on September 17, 2015. Why did I make a site for her? I've gone back and forth between Sayaka, Homura and Mami being my favorite characters from the series. When I first decided to make my Madoka Magica domain a media hub and have sites to my favorites instead of the general series site I intended, I wasn't entirely sure who I was going to work on. Sayaka was initially my favorite, but then I shifted to Homura and finally Mami, who I considered my favorite for a few years. After watching the movies, though, my love for Sayaka was rekindled and I decided I had enough to talk about to make her a site, too! The site title comes from a rough translation of what Sayaka tells Kyouko shortly before turning into a witch: hope and despair balance out to zero. For all the hope a magical girl creates, an equal amount of despair will follow. I thought this line fit Sayaka's role and story very well and therefore decided to use it!


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